Questions for a Second Reading #3

What does this choice say about his “methods”–about what it can and can’t do? As you reread the essay, look for sections you could use to talk about the power and limits of Percy’s method.

I think he chose this method in order to keep that beauty in the mystery of his writing, just like the beauty of the mystery of the “things” he was talking about. If he told everyone what he was trying to say straight and to-the-point, it would contradict everything he has been writing about and the very essence of that obscurity. This method also tends to make you think more and challenge your mind more than any other explanation would, which would definitely empower his writing but then again, it could also be a turn-off to certain readers which gives this method certain limits. For example, when he writes “He knows very well that he is in a very special sort of zone in which his only rights are the rights of a consumer.” This abstract writing can turn-off many readers but then again you also get sentences like these, “He moves like a ghost through schoolroom, city streets, trains, parks, movies. He carves his initials as a last desparate measure to capture his ghostly role of consumer.” You can actually visualize the kid and recognize the analogy very well.

I received quotes from the book, Ways of Reading by David Batholomae and Anthony Petrosky


Questions for a Second Reading #2

To whom, or in the name of what, is this loss that Percy chronicles such a matter of concern? If this is not just Percy’s peculiar prejudice, if we are asked to share his concerns, whose interests or what interests are represented here?

Well, he says two things are lost when talking in the second reading. He says, “A loss of title occurs.” He compares this to the archaeologists perspective, when he says that putting something on display has the reverse effect in that, people won’t see what was originally meant to be seen. It is somewhat devalued when put on display. He also says, “The second loss is the spoliation of the thing, the tree, the rock, the swallow, by the layman’s misunderstanding of scientific theory.” Since the layman misinterprets scientific theory by labeling these “things” as specimen. He somewhat takes away the beauty and mystery away from the “thing”. And since it is less marvelous to the world, the public will never be able to capture it’s beauty ever again.

I received quotes from the book, Ways of Reading by David Bartholomae and Anthony Petrosky

Questions for a Second Reading

What progress of thought is represented by the movement from one example to another, or from tourists to students?

When Walker Percy is talking about the tourists at the Grand Canyon and comparing them to the tourists in Mexico, he is referring to tourism as an exeperience in life but in his second reading, he refers to Biology students, which might be a little easier to relate to depending upon the reader. He also talks about how students may refer to Dogfish as specimen because they are not as advanced creatures as human beings are, so they are not seen as individual creatures. This means that when compared to the tourist explanation, that there is a certain division in society and he refers that to Layman and Expert,Planner and Consumer. He says, “…the expert and the planner know and plan, but the consumer needs and experiences.” This divisional society creates an aristocracy where certain things are exclusive.

I received quotes from the book, Ways of Reading by David Bartholomae and Anthony Petrosky

The Loss of the Creature

Overall, I found the reading pretty difficult to understand but I think I understood the main point the author was trying to make. I struggled a lot with the vocabulary and since his writing was very structured and boring, I simply wasn’t as interested as I should’ve been. His thoughts were kind of abstract as well so that’s also why I had difficulty reading it. Back to our discussion of Cliche, yes, I could relate the reading back to our discussion. I think the example of the Grand Canyon had a Cliche behind it. When people visit the Grand Canyon, they go to the Bright Angel Lodge, or take photos, and do things normal tourists would do, which is cliche, but if you wanted to break out of that “box”, and you really wanted to experience something for what it is, you can either be dragged into it, or explore it and call it your own, like the example of the tourists in the village because they had a genuine experience.

Liberal Arts Education #4

classroom-discussion.jpg                                                 However, the most important aspect of a liberal arts education is the fact that you’d be getting a great education with a great in-depth look at all subjects so you gain more knowledge on many different areas all at once. You’re never stuck with a certain class and you have many options to choose from. What stands out the most is the quality of the teachers at the college level because they are the most qualified at what they do so they will take things very seriously but also try to make the learning experience fun for everyone.

leslies-anti-war-organizations.jpg With a liberal arts education, you not only experience a great education in the classroom, but outside of the classroom as well. With many clubs and organizations to join, you can learn a lot from other people, and join something that you’re really passionate about. These clubs can offer a great experience but you must also manage your time so that you don’t slip up in your classes.

liberal arts education #2

liberal arts education #2     A typical liberal arts education can deliver a ton of reading and lot of vigorous work so it can be hard to find time to take a rest. With assignments being constantly given to you, one has to manage time wisely in order to balance his/her classes according to his/her schedule.

liberal arts education

liberal arts education

Part of a liberal arts education offers a side of college life that most people tend to ignore. That is the party life. When you’ve felt like you’ve overworked yourself during the week, you might want to blow off some steam and have a little fun.The downside is that underage drinking is illegal and you can get in serious trouble if you are caught. So be careful.

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